Interesting Wine Sites

Here is a selected list of wine Web sites that are particularly interesting or useful to those of us who love great German and Austrian wines. Links to individual producer Web sites, when they exist, are included on our Estates page.


Importers of fine German and Austrian Wines

Deutsche Weine Online

A non-commercial site hosted in Germany by the German Wine Institute.

Another non-commercial site hosted in Germany. It's a bit rambling, but there is some interesting information there.

Mosel Fine Wines

Mosel Fine Wines is a subscription-based independent wine publication dedicated to Mosel Riesling. BY Jean Fisch & David Rayer.

The Internet Wine Network.

Wikipedia: German Wine

German wine is produced in many parts of Germany, with most of the production concentrated in the southwest of Germany.

German Wine Information Bureau

The U.S. branch of the German Wine Institute. Lots of interesting information on German wine and winemaking. Plus they have booklets available on the wines, wine regions and winery visits.

Restaurant Wine

This is a professional wine newsletter and consulting service for the restaurant industry. It is a bi-monthly publication on wine, wine service and wine trends for cutting edge restaurateurs, wine distributors, wine importers/exporters, wineries, wine shops and discriminating wine drinkers.

Riesling Report

A resource for wine lovers who have succumbed to the irresistible charms of Riesling, the most noble and expressive white wine grape. The bi-monthly electronic magazine has been discontinued, but the library of back issues is still available on the Web site.

Robin Garr - Wine Lovers Page

Lots of information, tasting notes and articles on one of the longest-running wine Web sites.

Rudi Wiest Selections - Cellars International

Cellars International is an importer of German wine focused entirely on VDP estates. Their site contains a wealth of information about the estates they represent.

Peter Ruhrberg's German Wine Page

Peter Ruhrberg is an e-commerce developer in Germany who is also a wine fanatic (most educated people are!). He put up this non-commercial, informational site in 1995 and updates it regularly.

The Wine Doctor

A guide to German wine: an introduction to a multi-page guide to the regions, vineyards, classifications, laws and labels that characterise German wine.


Germany's association of top wine estates. The site is a little awkward to use and the English version is a little out of date. Still, if you can read a little German, the events schedule is complete and up to date.

Weinguide Deutschland

The annual guide to German wines published by Gault Millau. The book and the site are in German only.

Wines from Austria

An exceptionally well-designed Web site with a lot of information about the amazing new wines coming from Austria. It includes links to many producers, although the list of producers is not exhaustive and there is no information given about producers who do not have Web sites.

Wine Glasses

Silhouette wine glasses are the perfect solution to shoppers looking to purchase wine gifts for their family, friends, co-workers, or just their favorite wine lover.